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This project has now ended.
Thank you so much to all who submitted a film.
Sadly due to the low volume of submissions, we were unable to create the 'time capsule' short film as originally planned. Instead, the individual submissions will remain available to watch online.

Fill in the submission form below and submit your film. We can help if you're having any problems

If you've got this far then congratulations! The last step is to submit your film. As long as you have followed the four rules - see below - then you are ready to submit. Fill out the form below and press submit.


There are two ways to send us your film. You can either upload your film to Youtube or send us the video file using wetransfer. (Our email address for wetransfer: There are many helpful tutorials and help guides to get you started - such as how to post your first youtube video and how to send a file using wetransfer

How to submit your film


Your film must be no longer than 3 minutes

Your film must be suitable for people of all ages

Submission must be via the web form


We need to know you have the permission of everyone who is in your film

(see the form below)