//How do you get involved?//

Some more information about the project, where to start and some simple rules to follow.

We want you to make a 1-3 minute film about your life in the Test Valley 

Use whatever equipment you have. A video camera is great, but so is your phone

All the films submitted will be added to the TV Capsule collection, to be kept for future generations. We will be creating an edited longer version featuring a selection of the submitted films.

Submissions are open until Summer 2021

  • How will we look back at our lives in the Test Valley in 2020/2021?

  • What will we remember about this time and what has been most significant?

  • Where is the place you have found inspiration or comfort?

  • What makes us who we are? Who are the people and what are the things that we most care about?

  • How are you at this moment in time? How have you coped with getting through the last year?

  • What does your community mean to you?

where to start?

If staring at a blank page makes you nervous think about:

simple rules to bear in mind before making and submitting your film


Your film must be no longer than 3 minutes

Your film must be suitable for people of all ages

Submission must be via the web form

(see the submission form)

We need to know you have the permission of everyone who is in your film

(see the submission form)

Need  some help?

Have a look at the video tips and support page for some great 'how to' guides for making your film. You can also contact us for more information or with any questions about the project.

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